The Art Of Listening

When I was a communications significant in graduate school,. active listening was a big piece of the curriculum. It seemed a lightweight. subject at the time. Later on, when I taught listening skills to my own students,. they too assumed it was a ho-hum no brainer largely because the literature on. paying interest to others […]

IPhone Upgrade Program Screws Apple Junkies

Apple is a company thats not exactly unknown with the concept of squeezing every last cent from people for as long as possible. Ordinarily, anyone taking on a phone contract is incorporated for a particular duration after which they are free to move on. Their carrier might well attemptattempt to persuade them to remain, however […]

Cutting-edge: Indian Market & & Indigenous Art Market

In the mid-19th century, the Paris Beauty salon, the official yearly exhibit of the Acad mie des Beaux-Arts, showcased the best scholastic painting of the time. In 1863, two-thirds of the art works under consideration for the show were rejected, causing the establishment of the Hair salon des Refus s, an alternate exhibition that containedwhich […]

Popcorn Festival Art Program Awards

2015 Popcorn Festival Art Show Awards Best of Show: Jonavon Herr.Category Awards Painting:1. William Obenour 2. Ben Kern 3. Alana Finnegan Benefit: Annette Montis, William Obenour Drawing :1. Jonavon Herr 2. Betty Newbie 3. Jonavon Herr Merit: Marjorie Wilhelm, Ruth Etzwiler Photography:1. James Hillside 2. James Hill 3. Isabella Smith Benefit: Marjorie Wilhelm , James […]