Noble Group Gets $3 Billion In Credit Facilities

“This is veryquite a sticking plaster, however a great one,” stated Robert Southey, London-based creator of Southey Capital Ltd., which trades in illiquid securities, specifically distressed debt and personal instruments. “The company isn’t out of the woods yet and nor is the sector, all across the product business and bulk shipping we are seeing further […]

London’s Art Society Turns 140

While new art galleries seem to appear (and down) at a disconcerting rate these days, the Fine Art Society stands happy as a gallery that opened in 1876 in the exact same New Bond Street, Mayfair townhouse where it runs today. Originally founded by collectors as a print and publishing company, the popular reaction to […]

The Place Fine Art & & Gifts

On Friday, June 17th, beginning at 6:00 pm, The Place will host a reception for our exhibit and sale of Fashion jewelry Designs by Lori McDonald, d/b/a/ Charmhouse. Lori’s mission is to clash the old and the new, matching classic items, natural products and hypoallergenic metals to create singularly unique designs. Over lots of years […]