Access To Credit Serves As A Boost For Unemployed Consumers

Access to credit helps jobless consumers since it permits them to take more time to discover a new job with greater pay, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal based upon research by economic experts from the University of Minnesota and Dartmouth College.The research study compares credit utilized throughout unemployment to unemployment benefitswelfare […]

Texas Police Examine Reports Of Shooter At Amarillo Wal-Mart

Citizens in Amarillo, Texas are being told to avoid a local Wal-Mart after authorities received reports of a possible shooter at the store Tuesday afternoon (June 14). Update: Suspect at Amarillo Wal-Mart shot and killed, sheriff states The Amarillo Authorities Department stated policemans were inside the building, and that there are no confirmed gunshot victims […]

Art: You Blew It Up, You Maniacs

Dongjun Lu is a principle artist from Singapore who has worked on series like Ninja Gaiden, Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Nobunagas Passion. You can see more of Dongjuns work at his personal website, as well as his ArtStation and Patreon pages. Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists, […]