Flower Mound’s Top-grade AAA Credit Score Is Reaffirmed

Flower Mound City center. Picture by Expense Castleman Due to sound tax base growth, strong monetary management, as well as a stable and growing local economy, independent bond score service Fitch just recently declared Flower Mound’s AAA bond score for General Responsibility bonds. This is the highest rating a company can get by credit rating companies.”These well-deserved scores are the outcome of years of tougheffort and dedication by

our Council,”stated Flower Mound Mayor Tom Hayden.” Our AAA bond rating will conserve taxpayer dollars by protecting lower interest rates, and reflect a custom of sound financial decisions by both Council and personnel. I ‘d specifically like to recognize Deputy Town Manager and Chief Financial Officer Debra Wallace and her personnel for their ongoing efforts to guarantee the financial stability of Flower Mound.”This is the third consecutive year Fitch has actually provided a bond score for Flower Mound, noting that “Fitch anticipates Flower Mound to

show monetary durability through a moderate financial slump. The town’s strong financial efficiency has taken advantage of continuous growth in its ad valorem and sales tax bases, contributing to healthy reserves and supplying the town with a high degree of monetary versatility.”To view the entire rating report, please see www.fitchratings.com. The Town also received great news from independent bond score service Standard

amp; Poor’s( Samp;P ). Samp;P also reaffirmed its AAA score of Flower Mound’s General Obligation bonds due to”extremely strong”financial policies, budgetary performance, and a growing regional economy. Flower Mound’s distance to significant airports, in addition to the diverse economy of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex has continued to sustain commercial and residential development. The Town is delighted that Samp;P confirms, “The steady outlook reflects our view that the town will keep its very strong budgetary flexibility, supported by strong budgetary efficiency, and extremely strong financial management practices.” To see the whole Samp;P report, please see www.standardandpoors.com.

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Flaring Ukraine Stress Negative For Russia Score – Moody’s

LONDON Aug 15 Rating company Moodys warned that
Russias credit rating was dealing with fresh pressure after a.
revival in battling in between pro-Russian separatists and.
Ukrainian forces in Crimea.The firm stated the stress could be a blow to Ba1. negative-rated Russias financial recovery hopes which Western. sanctions might well be tightened again if the problem escalated. even more. It is a credit unfavorable for Russia,
Moodys stated in

a brand-new. research study note. If the battling were to spread to a brand-new front

in Crimea and. intensify even more in Donbass, international sanctions would. likely tighten up and be extended, which would renew capital flight. and rouble currency exchange rate weak point, and ultimately weaken. Russias financial recovery.
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Why More Black Moms And Dads Are Home-schooling Their Kids

In spite of the guarantees of the civil liberties motion, “individuals are startingbeginning to recognize that public education in America was created for the masses of bad, and its intent has been to trap poor people into being employees and servants. If you don’t desire that for your children, then you search for something else,” she states. To her, the greatest flaw in public education is an absence of character education, an absence of a moral binding, that adds to low expectations – and lower results for children of color.Ms.

Bush is part of a burgeoning motion of African-American moms and dads done waiting on public schools to obtain better. The numbers of black moms and dads picking to home-school their kids has doubled in a little over a years – about 220,000 black school-aged children are being homeschooled – up from quotes of 103,000 in 2003, according to the National Home Research study Institute (NHERI).

“Mamas and daddiesMother and fathers are saying, ‘We simply want what’s best for our kids,'” states Brian Ray, who established NHERI and has actually written a paper on black home-schooling moms and dads and how their kids perform academically. “They’ve been informed for 20, 30, 40 years that public schools will get betterimprove, they’ll get much better for black kids, however … black kids are still at the bottom of the totem poll in regards to academic achievement … and black families understand it.”

The reasons black parents mention for home-schooling their children cover a wide rangea vast array. Some sound similarjust like the homeschooling movement as a whole: religiousreligions, a desire to shelter children from an increasingly crass or materialistic society, a conviction that they are best-suited to teach their kids the worths they require to live a satisfying life.But other

parents mention events of racial bullying, research studies showing that black trainees are less likely to be recommended for gifted and advanced classes, and numerous studies showing that African-American children – especially young boys – are disproportionately likely to be suspended or arrested.In brief, in order

to secure their children from school-related bigotry, more black moms and dads are keeping their kids out of school entirely, writes Ama Mazama, a teacher of African American Studies at Temple University in Philadelphia who has written extensively on home-schooling. She has dubbed the movement “racial protectionism.”

On scholastic efficiency, home-schooled students in his study scored in between 23 and 42 percentile points above their public school equivalents in mathematics, reading, and English, says Dr. Ray of NHERI. However he and others stress that research is nascent and more detailed studies needhave to be carried out prior to wider conclusions can be drawn. Rays study took a look at 81 home-schooled students, for example.Interestingly, given one common concern about home-schooled students not getting needed socializing with peers, the students in his study scored above average” on steps of social, emotional, and psychological development. “Georgias twist on home-schooling In the majority of states, home-schooling parents have the tendency to be dual-parent and

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Italy’s Bonds Hold Increase As Credit Rating Threatened By Politics

Italy’s government bonds held a two-day advance as the country’s sovereign score came under review before a proposed constitutional referendum.Yields on the country

‘s 10-year debt increased from a 17-month low reached Friday. Scores company DBRS Ltd. stated on Aug. 5 that it was reevaluating its A(low) credit grade, with negative implications. Italy’s greatest court backed the demandask for the referendum Monday, according to an e-mailed declaration.

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A.M. Finest Revises Company Credit Score Outlook To Positive For Allianz SE And MostThe Majority Of Its Subsidiaries

LONDON–( BUSINESS WIRE)– AM Best has revised the provider credit rating (ICR) outlook to
favorable from steady and verified the financial strength score (FSR) of
A+ (Superior) and ICR of “aa-” of Allianz SE (Allianz) (Germany).
and mostthe majority of its AM Best rated subsidiaries. The outlook for the FSR.
stays steady. (See below for a detailed listing of company scores).

Allianz’s exceptional risk-adjusted capitalisation, strong operating.
efficiency, diversified company profile and robust threat management.
framework include positive pressure to its rating; nevertheless, these favorable.
score chauffeurs are tempered by the business’s exposure to volatile.
investment markets. The group’s tactical strategies include overhauling the.
mix of new life company composed, minimizing its level of sensitivity to credit.
spreads, digitalising its core underwriting platforms, cultivating.
consumer centricity and enhancing underwriting efficiency. If the group.
is able to broadly achieve these targets over the coming two-to-three.
years, whilst maintaining strong capitalisation, a rating upgrade is.

Allianz’s level of risk-adjusted capitalisation, as measured by Best’s.
Capital Adequacy Ratio (BCAR), remained steady and at an outstanding level.
in 2015. Capitalisation is expected to remain at a likewise robust.
level over the coming years, with strong incomes retention likely to.
offset the added capital requirements of business development. Although.
direct exposure to market danger subjects the group’s solvency to potential.
volatility, this is reduced by substantial capital buffers that should.
take in market movements.

Allianz’s varied incomes profile has allowed it to create a long.
record of strong underwriting and overall outcomes. In 2015, the group.
reported a combined ratio for its property/casualty operations of 94.6%.
and a total return on equity of 10.8%, which compare favourably to.
its 10-year weighted averages of 95.4% and 10.2%, respectively. With the.
exception of a small number of operating units in which issues are.
actively being resolved, Allianz’s major running devices carried out well.
in 2015. Furthermore, in spite of challenges at its PIMCO subsidiary, the.
group’s asset management operations continue to offer a material.
contribution to its net result. Although enhanced results are expected.
at PIMCO over the short-to-medium term, a more decline in this.
subsidiary’s performance might be a negative rating element.

Allianz is a leading global insurance provider with a strong competitive position.
in many fully grown insurance coverage markets. In 2015, the group reported overall.
profits of EUR 125 billion. Although a significant percentage of.
Allianz’s income is focused in Western Europe, no single market is.
vital for its overall incomes. The group provides a full rangeseries of.
insurance items to both retail and corporate clients and has good.
diversity in between its life and non-life operations.

The ICR outlooks have actually been modified to positive from steady and the FSR.
of A+ (Superior) and the ICR of “aa-” have been verified for Allianz.
SE and its following subsidiaries, while the FSR outlook remains.

  • < li class= bwlistitemmargb > Allianz Global Corporate amp
  • ; Specialty SE.
  • < li class= bwlistitemmargb
  • Allianz SpA.< li class= bwlistitemmargb >
  • Allianz Danger
  • Transfer AG.< li class= bwlistitemmargb >
  • Allianz Threat Transfer (Bermuda) Limited.
  • < li class= bwlistitemmargb > AWP Pamp; C.< li class= bwlistitemmargb > Jefferson Insurance coverage CompanyInsurer.< li class= bwlistitemmargb > AWP Health amp; Life SA.
  • < li class= bwlistitemmargb >
  • Allianz Global Risks United States Insurance coverage CompanyInsurance provider.
  • < li class =bwlistitemmargb >
  • Allianz Underwriters Insurance BusinessInsurance provider.
  • < li class= bwlistitemmargb >
  • AGCS Marine Insurance coverage BusinessInsurance provider.
  • < li class= bwlistitemmargb >
  • American Car Insurance
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