The Art Of Listening

When I was a communications significant in graduate school,.
active listening was a big piece of the curriculum. It seemed a lightweight.
subject at the time. Later on, when I taught listening skills to my own students,.
they too assumed it was a ho-hum no brainer largely because the literature on.
paying interest to others – actually hearing them – seemed to belabor the.
obvious: People needhave to be heard, validated and appreciated.

But the fact is that listening– providing our full attention.
to another – does not always come naturally. And the value of complete attention,.
which causes understanding and therefore proper response (which in some.
cases is no response, simply listening), is frequently neglected.

I was reminded of this on a number of events recently. The very first was when a young female I understand told.
me how much she valued the realitythat I always listen to her. It was a.
basic statement of thankfulness however one laden with meaning. What she was truly.
stating was that she valued the fact that I took her sensations seriously and.
offered authentic assistance, makinged her life easier and offered comfort in.
difficult scenarios. That was deeply important and handy to her, and it.
was vitalwas essential to me too. I felt the.
reward of understanding that by just listening I had actually made somebodies journey a.
little bit much easier.

sense of relieving someones journey through absolutely silent, unwavering listening.
belongs to an effort called The.
Invite Johnny and Jane Home Task launched by psychologist and writer.
Paula J. Caplan. As Caplan describes,.
Through totally free, voluntary, private, and considerate listening sessions, volunteer.
listeners assist to reduce the common gorges in between veterans and non-veterans.
through the basic act of a non-veteran paying attention to a veteran from any era.
This helps veterans through the power of human connection.

who volunteer to Listen to a Veteran are not therapists and they are not.
engaged in active listening that enables listeners to speak, Caplan describes.
Except for speaking 2 sentences, one at the start and one sometime throughout.
the session, they do absolutely nothingnot do anything but listen. However they do so with 100 % of their.
interest and their entire hearts. This design works.
perfectly, says Caplan. And according to research study conducted by Harvard University, veterans explain the.
listening sessions as valuable while listeners say it is incredibly.
transformative for them.

When I came back from Afghanistan,.
hearing the words Thank You from individuals who didnt know what I did or saw was.
an empty gesture, one Afghanistan.
army veteran reported. More than anything, I desired my neighborhood to listen to.
the stories of veterans like myself– to take parttake part in that moral struggle, and.
acquire a deeper awareness of the meaning of war. The Welcome.
Johnny and Jane Home Job understands the vital function that.
civilians can carry out simply by paying attention to veterans actively and without.
judgment, creating new chances for veterans to serve their communities.
by educating them about the nuanced truth of war. … Read the rest

IPhone Upgrade Program Screws Apple Junkies

Apple is a company thats not exactly unknown with the concept of squeezing every last cent from people for as long as possible. Ordinarily, anyone taking on a phone contract is incorporated for a particular duration after which they are free to move on. Their carrier might well attemptattempt to persuade them to remain, however this is a one-off occasion at the end of an 18 or 24 month contract. Apple now has a different concept. Its program has actually engineered a way for the company to plague clients for up to a year, motivating them to remain for another 2 years. And after that the cycle repeats ad infintum. You can inspecttake a look at whenever you like, but you can never leave …

So what’s the offer?

Presenting the program Apple says:

Exclusively at Apple’s retail shops in the United States, customers can select their provider and get an unlocked iPhone Sixes or iPhone 6s Plus with the chance to obtain a brand-new iPhone each year and AppleCare+ on the brand-new iPhone Upgrade Program with month-to-month payments starting at $32 (United States) and $37 (United States), respectively.

There is, of course, smallfine print:

The iPhone Upgrade Program is offered to certified clients only with a valid US personal charge card. Requires a 24-month installation loan with People Bank, NA and iPhone activation with a nationwide provider– ATamp; T, Sprint, T-Mobile or Verizon. Full terms use.

Its something that works veryextremely well for Apple. The least expensive iPhone Sixes– the 16GB model– costs $27 per month on a two year agreement– a total of $648. AddInclude Apple Care at $79, and youre discussing $727 for the phone. Sign up for the iPhone Upgrade Program and youre paying a minimum of $32 per month. Over 24 months, this includesamounts to $768– currently extra profit for Apple.

Ah, however customers get the option of a new phone after a year, do not they? Thats real. But in taking benefitbenefiting from this offer and upgrading after 12 months, youre tied in to another 24 month agreement– an additionally $768. Apple wins. The customer may feel like this is a win also, but its one that is spent for.

For somebody who knows that– without a doubt– they will update to whatever new iPhone comes out in a years time, and theyre positive that theyd absolutely secure Apple Care, it amounts to a saving of a few dollars over 2 years. However having paid extra every month, numerous individuals will feel forced to make the upgrade eventually between month 12 and month 24 to feel as though they are getting real value for money. However in doing this, they are merely concurring to turn over much more cash to Apple for even longer.

So who wins? Once once more, it is Apple.

If youre eager to upgrade, youd probably be much better off offloading an undesirable iPhone on Craigslist and putting cash to a brand-new one. And if youre one of the lots of individuals who do not desirewish to make use of among the 4 main providers, youre out of luck anyhow.

Exactly what do you make … Read the rest

Cutting-edge: Indian Market & & Indigenous Art Market

In the mid-19th century, the Paris Beauty salon, the official yearly exhibit of the Acad mie des Beaux-Arts, showcased the best scholastic painting of the time. In 1863, two-thirds of the art works under consideration for the show were rejected, causing the establishment of the Hair salon des Refus s, an alternate exhibition that containedwhich contained works by Gustave Courbet, Édouard Manet, and James McNeill Whistler, to name a fewamong others. Many of the artists in the Hair salon des Refus s would go on to even higher renown than a few of the contemporaries preferred by the Acad mie. What led to the alternative exhibit was the outcry causeddued to the Acad mie’s rejection of so many works. The artists were annoyed. Something similar played out throughout Indian Market weekend this year, when several artists who typically show work at the Southwestern Association for Indian Arts yearly occasion ended up at the Indigenous Art Market (IFAM) instead.

SWAIA made applying for a booth at Indian Market far more competitive than in previous years, with brand-new standards for evaluating artworks. This came as a surprise to a lot of Indian Market artists who were expecting to be juried in. Professional photographer Peggy Fontenot, mixed-media artist Brent Greenwood, sculptor Mark Fischer, glass artist Tony Jojola, and others who generally show at Indian Market got letters mentioning that this year, they didn’t get in. As any artist who uses to juried shows can inform you, the application procedure is never ever an assurance of placement. There are more candidates than there are readily available booths, and SWAIA maintains a waiting list in case a spot should open up. However many of the artists who did not get juried in were acclaimed artists at previous Indian Markets who had been participating for several years and, in some cases, decades. “I got this letter on how they have upped their requirements, and I didn’t make the cut,” glass artist and long time Indian Market exhibitor Tony Jojola informed Pasatiempo. “Exactly what they did was just not best and a lot of it impinges on our sales. I had my booth for over 30 years. A number of my clients years to come after year. If you’re not there then you potentially lose.” Jojola, who studied with Venetian glass artist Lino Tagliapietra and went to the prominent Pilchuck Glass School in Washington, provided photos of his work as part of his application process, including a photo of Antelope Mount, an award-winning sculpture from a previous market year. Jojola’s letter from SWAIA, which he supplied to Pasatiempo, recommends that artists have been submitting poor images and inadequate descriptions of their artistic process. “Thinking about the quality of artists competing for a booth at Indian Market,” specifies the letter, “please see to it that future applications advanced your work in the bestthe very best possible light.” Jojola stated, “It’s a generic letter, but I was pretty offended by what it stated. It made me seem like it’s the work. However it’s not the work. I imply, I have actually gotten absolutely nothing however great comments about the work.”… Read the rest

Art Planner: Dunedin Fine Art Center Packed, St. Pete Murals Increasing, Silver …

You know summers truly over when new art shows start crowding the calendar. At the Dunedin Art Center, 1143 Michigan Blvd., the galleries will certainly be packed with a wide range of artists and photographers. All open on Friday with a reception. Admission is $5. Gallery hours are 10 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday, 10 am to 2 pm Saturday and 1 to 4 pm Sunday. Free. -LRB-727-RRB- 298-3322. Heres what youll discover:

Carlton Ward Jr.: Florida WILD: Ward is an enthusiastic supporter for preservation and preservation of Floridas undeveloped areas. That hes an accomplished professional photographer who has worked for prominent publications gives his stories wonderful images. He and a group just recently finished the Florida Wildlife Passage and this program includes pictures from their journey. Through Dec. 23.

Charm and the Beasts: A group show in several media is a collection of people and animals, some fantastical. Through Dec. 23.

Call of the Wild: A second group program in which artists were asked to produce a work based on the idea of wild, which this program probably will be. Through Oct. 18.

Linda Adele Goodine: Beeline Freeway: The professional photographer and East Carolina University teacher is stood for by images produced throughout a 30-year career. Through Oct. 18.

Likewise happening at DFAC, free Children Art Fest on Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm with hands-on activities, home entertainment, music and complimentary hot pet dogs prepared by the Kiwanis Club of Dunedin.


You can walk it, but this event has ended up being so big that vehicular support (your automobile or the city trolleys) makes it more doable. The walk is regular monthly, however this ones unique, coming just as all the murals for the SHINE Festival have been completed. (Go to for a map.) ArtWalk covers all 5 downtown arts districts and lots of places. Theyll keep late hours, 5 to 9 pm, and many have new programs. Go to for more details.

Among those brand-new programs, and amongst the most notable, is Leave a Message at the Morean Arts Center, 719 Central Ave., St. Petersburg. Its complimentary opening reception coincidesaccompanies the walk, also from 5 to 9 pm It ties in with the mural celebration, featuring a few of the artists who belong to SHINE and curated by the exact same artist, Tes One.

It highlights artists who have actually increased through the ranks of street, or metropolitan, art, utilizing structure outsides as their canvases. Some are self-taught, some have distinguished degrees and the majority of are likewise successful graphic artists. This show features smaller works suggested for gallery watching along with a big graffiti wall. Taking part artists are Acut, Andrew Spear, Bask, Derek Gores, Eric Orr, Francesco LoCastro, Hoxxoh, Jeff Srsic, Michael Vasquez, Morning Breath, Nathan Beard, Palehorse, Pep Rally Inc, Phil Holt, Ricky Watts, Stoic, Tes One and Ya Laford. Gallery hours are 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Saturday and midday to 5 pm Sunday. -LRB-727-RRB- 822-7872.

The brand-new SPF15, or St. Petersburg Celebration 2015, also debuts, with about 60 occasions, consisting of SHINE … Read the rest

Popcorn Festival Art Program Awards

2015 Popcorn Festival Art Show Awards

Best of Show: Jonavon Herr.Category Awards Painting:1. William Obenour 2.

Ben Kern 3. Alana Finnegan Benefit:

Annette Montis, William Obenour Drawing

:1. Jonavon Herr 2. Betty Newbie 3. Jonavon

Herr Merit: Marjorie Wilhelm, Ruth Etzwiler Photography:1. James Hillside 2. James

Hill 3. Isabella Smith Benefit: Marjorie Wilhelm

, James Hill Mixed-Media 1. Jesse Raifsnider 2. Emily Hooper 3. Ken Hildebrand Merit: Betty Dutt, Steve Roseberry Sculpture:1. Diana Dutt 2. Jesse Raifsnider

3. Steve Roseberry

Benefit: Brenda Timmons, Tim Gorenflo.MOFAS Award: Zoe

Fox People’s Choice: Awarded 8 pm Saturday… Read the rest