Sonic Becomes Fine Art To Celebrate 25th Anniversary

Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the more iconic characters in gaming, even today. For his 25th birthday, the world commemorates, and Sega chose to team up with Washington Green, the UK’s leading art publisher to do it correctly.25 unique, initial art pieces have been created by 8 different artists for the 25th anniversary shows, taking location at Washington Green’s network of 34 Castle Fine Art galleries across the UK. The shows will take placeoccur on December 2nd, and will include restricted edition prints signed by the artists.Glyn Washington, creator and creative director of the fineart publisher states,”The launch of this collection marks the conclusion of lots of months of enthusiasm, commitment and tough work both from our fantastically talented artists and the team here at Washington Green. We have all relished the opportunity to work together with SEGA, getting to knowbeing familiar with their brand name and opening our world of great art approximately new audiences. The interest in the collection so far has been extraordinary, from established art collectors and Sonic fans alike, and we expect a fantastic reception for the work when it launches in December.” The show will be the finale of the birthday celebrations for Sonic, says Jason Rice, Director of Brand Licensing at SEGA Europe Limited, We desired to develop something really special to provide fans and collectors the chance to view Sonic in a methodin a manner never ever seen before.All year, Sega has actually been commemorating Sonic, with sales, new video games in the works, and even a plan for a motion picture. A greatAn art show is interesting and new, and feels like a fine end to the year-long birthday celebration for the precious character.… Read the rest